Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate is the upgraded version of Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate. By Using This Certificate You can Participate/Bid in Any Kind of On-line Tenders/Auction across India. To participate in the e-tendering process, every vendor is required to use a Class 3 Digital Signatures Certificate.

What is Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate

Digital Signature Certificate, an Online Identity of any person to sign various documents. A Digital Signature Certificate contains various fields from persons personal information like name, e-mail id, state , company name ( if applicable), country name and many more. Under IT Act, 2000 Digital Signature Certificate is mainly categorised into three classes. Class 3 is the most secured and highest level of Certificate. Class 3 Digital Signature is basically can be issued to an Individual OR Company with authorization. Other than Class 3, Class 1 & Class 2 are also important types of classes.

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